Santa Fe

Day 29  – Santa Fe, New Mexico

3,585 Miles Traveled

Since Austin I haven’t showered or slept in a bed. It’s been a crazy mix of camping at national parks and sleeping in my car. It’s finally hit that point where I can clearly smell myself. I decided to splurge for two days on an Airbnb in Santa Fe. Taking a hot shower after a week of no showering is amazing, to say the least.

I spent two days in Santa Fe just relaxing, catching up on some work. I did get out a bit to see historic downtown. Rode around on my bike and visited the oldest church, and the oldest house. I admired the distinct look of Santa Fe, with the earth-colored houses and buildings, all made of adobe bricks, which consist of sun-dried earth and straw. What a unique place. Even the Airbnb I stayed at was an adobe home. It seemed like the whole city was adobe. TOO. COOL. Not to nerd out, but I really felt like I was on Tatooine or something.