Day 28  – Roswell, New Mexico

3,395 Miles Traveled

Today is my birthday. I am 33 years old. Last night I spent the night in my car in a Walmart parking lot in Roswell, New Mexico. Yep it was kind of creepy. Haha. Kept waiting to see a huge Alien face staring in through the back windshield. Today I went to check out the International UFO Museum. An interesting birthday to say the least.

The museum is small, but has tons of character. It’s not even that well put together, but the content is so damn interesting you can’t help but be enthralled. And for only $5 you can’t really skip it. Naturally the whole town of Roswell plays off of the UFO thing. A large number of businesses have signs that say “Aliens Welcome” or some other hilarious nonsense.

I’m so happy I spent my birthday here. Too much fun.

And I bought myself a little birthday gift. I’ve named him Alein the Alien. He’ll be my new traveling buddy.