My Favorite Travel Apps

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After living the nomadic lifestyle for a solid six months, I’ve found a handful of mobile apps that I love and use on a regular basis. These apps help me book accommodations, find my way around the world, translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and get inspired. Let’s take a look at what I’m working with:

– Google Maps –

The real power of Google Maps comes with the ability to download areas and navigate offline. In fact, I just spent three months backpacking around Europe without a data plan, so this was definitely one of my most used apps. When I had wifi I would simply type in the name of the city I was about to visit in Google Maps and download the area. Simple as that. 

Google Maps


Google Maps

– Google Translate –

This app has some really great features. Just as you can download Google Maps for offline use, you can download the same with languages. Save phrases to a phrasebook, and translate SMS messages. The most interesting feature, in my opinion, is the camera and audio translation features. Check out more here.

Google Translate

– Been –

A fun app for bragging rights, Been allows you to check off which countries you’ve visited and then provides you with a percentage ratio showing how much of the world you’ve “Been” to. You can share your map with your friends and let the jealous comments ensue. Apple’s version of the app has a lot of additional features than Android.

Been App

– Airbnb –

Airbnb is my main method of acquiring accommodations while traveling around the world. The app’s interface is extremely intuitive. Save wish lists, filter by price range, amenities, and location. Click here to get started!


– XE Currency –

In addition to up to date currency conversion, the XE Currency app provides a plethora of handy information. Learn more about a currency through currency profiles, which include nicknames, symbols, as well as common coins and banknotes.

XE Currency

– Trip Advisor –

Find hotels, flights, and tours all on Trip Advisor. Read traveler reviews to find the top rated places to visit.

Trip Advisor App

– Bla Bla Car-

The largest rideshare company in the world, find a long or short distance ride. I traveled all over Europe using Blabla Car, and it was always an easy and comfortable experience. If you are on a road trip, consider joining to offer rides to other travelers and in turn lower the cost of your trip.

Bla Bla Car

– Google Trips –

Google Trips combines Gmail and Google Maps to put all of your trip plans in one location, all available offline. Access your reservation information and accommodation locations all without the Internet. Trips will even recommend things to do and food and drink options.

Google Trips

– Duolingo-

If you want to ditch your translator and actually learn a language, Duolingo is the way to go. Apparently, Duolingo’s method helps figure out how often you need to practice language learning to help get the language in your long-term memory.


– Instagram-

In addition to posting photos/video to make your friends jealous, you can also use Instagram for inspiration. Use the search feature to search nearby places to find out prospective areas to go sightseeing.


– Pinterest-

Pinterest is the “world’s catalog of ideas.” Use the app to plan out a trip. Create a board, search your destination and pin away. Get inspired, create your itinerary, and get to traveling.


What are your favorite travel apps? Send me some suggestions in the comment section!

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