May 2016


May Highlights

May was a crazy month. It was a few hundred dollars more expensive than April, due to several factors, including:

  • Increasing gas prices in the west
  • A significant increase in dining out
  • More money on accommodations, recreation & groceries

I covered roughly another 3k miles, traveling from Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico up through Colorado, throughout Utah, a little sliver of Nevada and Arizona, and then motored through most of southern California, making it all the way up to San Francisco.

Income & Expenses

May 2016 Expenses – $1,668.69
May 2016 Income – $589.20

Detailed Expenses

Gas/Auto Related

Dining Out

Car Insurance

Thanks Obama – Care

Cell Phone


Accommodations & Public Transit

Cash Withdrawals


Professional/Business Expenses

$Cancelled that shit


Detailed Income



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Freelance Writing


Lessons Learned

Went a little crazy this month, both with the speed of travel and spending money. I’ve been traveling waaaaaay too fast, not spending much longer than 2 days at each location. I’ve quickly realized that this is an expensive and exhausting way to travel. I really need to force myself to slow down, and really organize time for work and time for travel and fun.

It’s also very difficult to work when you don’t have concrete plans when you arrive at a new location. Just the logistics of trying to find where you’re going to sleep, eat dinner, blah blah. After all of that is accomplished, I have little energy to put into trying to find a comfortable place to work with wifi.

In conclusion, these first two months I’ve certainly been treating more as a vacation than a working trip. Which is fine, for the moment. Again, I saved money that will allow me to live this way (in the red) for quite a bit of time.