June 2016


June Highlights

This was a unique month. Most of the month was still spent road tripping across the United States. Went from California all the way across to Georgia. Picked up my British friend Mercedes and did some extremely cheap traveling from Colorado to Georgia. Mostly stayed at free campsites, and cooked our own food. Arrived at my parents and stayed for several days, visiting family in Georgia and then Virginia.

My expenses have been shifting, but June was still an expensive month. Mainly due to the fact that I paid for a few high ticket items, including an airline ticket. I finally hit my freelance writing goal for the month, which feels great. Hope I can keep it up in the coming months. I’m definitely happy that this is my best month yet, with less than $500 in the red. Nervous about next month, since I’ll be in Iceland for the entire month and I have no idea what to expect financially.

  • Drove all the way across country
  • Serviced Car
  • Bought airline ticket
  • Paid Website Expenses
  • Left for Europe the last week of June
  • Airbnb/hostel expenses last few days of the month in Iceland
  • Cancelled my car insurance
  • Cancelled Cell Phone Bill
  • Made some unexpected money on stock video clips
  • Less money on accommodations (more camping, staying with family)

I drove all the way across the United States, and then flew from Baltimore to Reykjavik, Iceland. I covered roughly 6,500k miles in car and airplane combined.

Income & Expenses

June 2016 Expenses – $1,910.65
June 2016 Income – $1,423.18

Detailed Expenses

Gas/Auto Related

Dining Out

Car Insurance

Thanks Obama – Care

Cell Phone
$Cancelled that shit


Travel – Accommodations & Transit

Cash Withdrawals


Professional/Business Expenses

$Cancelled that shit


Detailed Income




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Freelance Writing


Lessons Learned

I’m still traveling far too fast, not giving myself a lot of time to sit and work. And this will be the case for the next few months. I really want to hit a groove of working the same amount each month, but that is yet to be the case with this fast method of travel. I’m also anxious to start looking for new freelance clients and additional ways to make money. I’d also like to spend some time on new Skillshare courses, but I’m still too excited about the traveling I’m doing. I’ve worked for eight years, so I need a few months to just go absolutely crazy exploring and traveling before I slow down. I plan on pumping the brakes in the beginning of October. I’m thinking I might get an apartment in Thailand for a few months, and really focus on work and meeting people in the digital nomad community. Exciting stuff to say the least. Iceland, here I come…