Day 83 – Baltimore, Maryland

10,230 Miles Traveled

So, my flight to Iceland was delayed by several hours, so I had all day to sit around in Baltimore and just wait. I spent the morning at the Hilton, where my parents, my nephew and I had stayed the night before. It was incredibly lonely after they left. I’d just spent so much time with Mercedes and all of my close family, it was a bit of a jolt to be alone again. I did get the chance to finish up a bunch of work before finally boarding my flight.

This might be my first time flying on a budget airline (WOW Airlines). The flight was okay. I had a window seat but didn’t have a window, which kind of sucked but at the same time was pretty humorous. Being a budget airline, WOW charges for everything à la carte. The flight was just over 5 hours, and I hardly got any sleep. The flight attendants were all gorgeous, which might’ve contributed to my lack of shut eye.

Iceland here I come!