April 2016

This is my first month as a digital nomad!

Every month I’m going to share my finances and some brief details about general happenings so we can see how this digital nomad lifestyle is really going to work out. I’m sure these updates will evolve as I go along. Please reach out if you would like to know any additional information that might help you out in your own journey towards location independence.

Let me explain a few things first…

I’ve only planned ahead for 3-4 months. For April, May and June I will be exploring the United States in my car. It’s a combination of sleeping in my car, camping at national parks, couchsurfing, the occasional Airbnb, and staying with family and friends. I plan on traveling as cheap as possible.

After that I have a one-way ticket to Iceland. I plan on spending the entire month of July exploring Iceland. The first few days will be at an Airbnb. Then I have a couchsurfer setup for one week, and I’m also planning on renting a car and taking a road trip around the country for a week, camping along the way.

In August I’m heading to Italy where I’ll be staying with a friend for a bit. After that I have no solid plans. It will all depend on how my finances are and how the digital nomad work is going.

April Highlights

Now, let’s take a look at how April went. My first month traveling was exciting and surreal. I traveled 3,300 miles, saw several national parks, and made new friends. I visited my parents in north Georgia for several days, camped, couchsurfed, slept in my car and had a few nights at an AirBnB. I road tripped through Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Texas.

I hardly did any work this first month. I wrote three articles, and did quite a bit of vlogging (I don’t get paid for vlogging – yet). I made a little passive income off of some stock video and online courses. Before leaving on this trip I saved up a good amount of money, just so I would have plenty of time to comfortably transition into this lifestyle as I build up more work and figure out how to make money on the road.


Income & Expenses

April 2016 Expenses – $1,325
April 2016 Income – $461.86

Detailed Expenses

Gas/Auto Related

Dining Out

Car Insurance

Thanks Obama – Care

Cell Phone



Cash Withdrawals


Professional/Business Expenses



Detailed Income



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Freelance Writing


Lessons Learned

I’m very pleased with the numbers for this first month, mainly due to the fact that I hardly did any work and still saw a nice chunk of money. I plan on ramping up the amount I work from month to month to meet the needs of my travel expenses.

Passive income such as creating online video courses and shooting stock video is a lot of work for little return. I would like to continue to create courses for Udemy and Skillshare, but it is a significant amount of time and effort. I want to keep creating courses that I can eventually sell on my own website.

I doubt I’ll continue shooting stock video. It’s so unreliable and doesn’t provide a good return for the amount of effort. I would much rather focus on creating online video courses about filmmaking and video production.

Freelance writing seems like it will be my main meal ticket, at least for the upcoming months. As of right now I have complete freedom as to how much I can write. I want to build a better financial foundation by acquiring more freelance writing clients. I plan on writing more in the upcoming months.